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June 5 2023

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Lottery Sambad 08 PM Evening Night Result Today:

Lottery Sambad 8 PM is the most famous lottery in India, and most people participate in the night timings lottery draw to get the highest prizes. The tickets for these lotteries are readily available in the different states of India, where the lottery system is allowed. Almost every person of different statuses purchases the tickets to test their luck and collect the prizes. Government organizations organize the Lottery Sambad, and you can easily trust a transparent system, and your money will never be wasted.

Had bought the Nagaland lottery ticket and now want to check the Sambad lottery ticket evening results at 8.00 pm. Furthermore, now want to check today’s lottery result, and have checked many websites for the result and have not found it. So dear, do not be worried anymore. You are at the right website where you can find the result of the Nagaland Sambad lottery at 8 pm on the date:(date) and get the Nagaland Sambad lottery result at 4 pm and Nagaland lottery result 11.55 am.

Different Names of Nagaland lottery Sambad:

No. Day Names
01 Monday Dear flamingo evening
02 Tuesday Dear parrot evening
03 Wednesday Dear eagle evening
04 Thursday Dear falcon evening
05 Friday Dear vulture evening
06 Saturday Dear ostrich evening
07 Sunday Dear hawk evening

Nagaland 8 PM Night Information:

No. Points Details
01 Total Winners 131
02 Lottery Name Nagaland State Lottery
03 Time 08:00 PM
04 Result Available
05 Timing Evening/Night
06 1st Prize 26.31 Lacs
07 2nd Prize 9000 INR
08 Website Visit Here

Nagaland evening Sambad lottery prize list:

No. Prize Value
01 1st Prize 26.31 lac rupees
02 2nd Prize 9000 INR
03 3rd Prize 500 INR
04 4th Prize 250 INR
05 5th Prize 120 INR

Timings of lottery Sambad:

Nagaland state lottery evening is held daily at 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 8:00 pm. Its result is announced at these timings but sometimes takes 10 to 15 minutes to be published. It is also being published in newspapers, but as we know, newspapers are published once a day. If you want to check it out in newspapers, you should wait for almost one day. While checking in online is very easy. You can check your results when it is published and check that you have won any prize.

Your most significant fortune is that you are on my page where you can check the result. Here you will get all the updates about lottery Sambad, and we will also update you as soon as possible whenever we get updated. Do not worry about getting the result because now, you have reached my website, where you will get all the new updates about the lottery Sambad off all the timings.

Earn with lottery Sambad:

You can easily earn with lottery Sambad by investing money for buying tickets of the lottery. However, you do not have to invest much because it may result in a lot of money Loss. But you can also get such money and be rich only with a single ticket if your luck is with you. However, sometimes buying more than one ticket may be lucky for someone. If you trust your luck, you can invest your money in it and be the richest one. You can win a lot of money and be a billionaire only by investing 6 rs. Then you can invest that money in any business or start your own business which will be with you lifetime and may give you profit for your whole life. Do not worry if you are investing money to buy these tickets because this may result in much profit if you are lucky.

More information about the lottery Sambad:

Only the 6 rupees result in making you a billionaire after buying a Sambad lottery. Furthermore, the lottery Sambad is the most popular lottery all over India, and its tickets are being sold all over India. In India’s states, the lottery Sambad is available and sold, and you can also buy it online. Its results are announced three times a day. The 1st one is at 11.55 am, which is called the lottery Sambad morning. The 2nd one is at 4.00 pm, which is called the daytime result, and the last one is published at 8.00 pm, which is the evening result. So if you are waiting for the lottery result of your lottery ticket. So do not be a worry. Here, you will get the latest updates whenever we receive the new updates, and we will update you as soon as possible. So for getting the updates soon, you should be with us. You should subscribe to our website and be with us. You can see the results list on this page. So be relaxed and wait for the result.

History of Sale of Nagaland lottery in India:

It was about two years ago. When India’s most significant court. The Supreme court ordered all the states to decide on their own for their lottery that if they want, they can allow the lottery in their state or not. If they want, they can allow the same Nagaland state lottery in their state or not, and only the 13 Indian states’ governments allow that in their states. These states include Nagaland, Sikkim, and other states. Which allow the sale of lottery tickets in their states.

Live 8 PM Lottery Sambad Results

The results of Lottery Sambad are drawn three times a day, and you can participate in these lotteries according to your preferences. Each lottery day for a particular time has a different name, which is called different names in other states. The most famous names for 8 PM Lottery Sambad are given below, and Dear Evening is used for the game of each day:

  • The ticket name on Monday is Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Dear Parrot evening on Tuesday
  • Dear Eagle evening on Wednesday
  • Dear Falcon evening on Thursday
  • Dear Vulture evening on Friday
  • Dear Ostrich evening on Saturday
  • Dear Hawk evening on Sunday

The daily lottery results are available on the page, and you can download the pdf file from the links to view your ticket number as lucky numbers. The results are timely announced, and you can also check the live results on different platforms for comfort.

Invest in Lottery Sambad For Great Prizes

The tickets of Lottery Sambad for 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM are available at less price of 6 rupees, and further charges are applied to the big lotteries. The prizes are drawn daily, and you can get one crore rupee as the first winner. The other awards are given in the sequence of 9000 for the second winner, 500 rupees for the third winner, 250 rupees for the fourth winner, and 120 rupees for the last winner.

  • Each result displays the ticket number of these prizes and the categories according to the winner sequence. 
  • The small prizes are distributed among more people, and the first prizes are divided among a limited number of people. 

You can claim your results from the distributors and government supervisors with the ordinal lottery ticket and the national ID cards. The prizes are drawn after 90 days of results, and you can also get the highest prizes with your lucky charm.


Lottery Sambad provides the daily results on fixed timings, and you can view and download lottery results on time. The daily results are available with the highlight of a particular date and time, and you can get the three lottery results for the whole week without much effort. 


How to check the Lottery Sambad daily results?

You can frequently visit the site to get the 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM results of any state and download the files to check live results.

Can I win the tickets to Lottery Sambad?

You can purchase tickets to Lottery Sambad and win prizes by testing your luck.